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Golf Instruction

shortened version—more later

Putting: a particular way to putt: (but it’s the best)

For address, bend over as far as possible without causing long term back pain.  Let the putter hang by gravity.  The club head should stay on a vertical plane through the ball.  Keep the wrists fixed in relation to the arms.  Keep the elbow angles fixed. Place the ball under the leading eye.  Hang the putter by gravity to locate the ball position.  Practice  aiming and stroking separately.   Let your head turn with your torso (we know this is unusual).  Watch the ball during the stroke; your eyes will have to move a little in their sockets to do this.  Use the same brand of ball at all times, or test the balls for bounce height so as to use the same bounce height.  Pray that the ball goes the correct distance and direction.


Swinging: something missing from most swing programs:

Our little secret: Let your torso move forward (perpendicular to the target line) on the backswing and then backward on the downswing.  Don’t resist this movement.  Use soft ankles to do this.  Don’t move off the ball (to the trailing side) on the backswing.  To test this put the feet together and pose different positions of the swing.  These pose positions, in terms of left-right weight distribution, are the same as the correct dynamic swing positions.  The center of mass of the torso is actually moving toward the hole on the backswing and away from the hole on the downswing.  The center of mass of the entire system of body and club should be fixed.  Use quarter swings to make sure that the backswing starts tangent to the target line.  Don’t kill the ball; just injure it.

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