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Nano-mat:  Here we have a portable mat that works perfectly to protect the body from mat shock  and assure natural ball flight.  Nano-mat works like its big brother range mat by moving downward on its springs when the club hits it.  The synthetic turf, with 6-6 nylon fibers, also compresses and absorbs impact shock.  Common mats bounce the club off the mat.  Our mat moves downward enough to allow the club head to proceed on a natural arc, like taking a divot.   See the video of a club hitting the mat.









If you are new to golf, or prone to hitting far behind the ball, we have a special version of Nano-mat with a ramp at the back to protect it from hits against the end.  This version is called Nano-mat RG (rear guard).

Nano-mat RG: same as regular Nano-mat but has a ramp at the back for protection from end blows.


Nano-mat RG

   Driving range model.


Turf length: 58 cm (22.8 in.)

The mat goes down to allow a natural path for the club head.


New putters are under development.  These will be custom fit in which the buyer can choose the weight, the lie, the press or forward shaft lean, the grip, and the shaft length.

PutterLight Instructions


Advantages:  Learn to keep the face square at impact.   Learn what works and doesn’t work in your putting, pitching or chipping stroke.    Improve control of the length of the backswing.


Warning: No one should look in the laser for longer than 1/4 second.











the dot left or right to the target.  If the laser light hits above or below the target, just tilt the laser up or down in its holder.  Once the dot is on the target, make a complete putting stroke.  There is no need to hit a ball.


The laser dot will move down and back up past the target.  The distance by which the laser misses the target is proportional to the club face misalignment at impact position.   If you need to look down instead of at the wall while swinging, put a cosmetics mirror on the floor next to the toe of the putter, so you can see the target through the mirror.  Also you can stand very close to the wall so that your head does not have to turn much to see the laser dot.   *You can use a wall to your right as well as to your left; change direction by reinstalling the laser upside-down or turning it around the shaft.  


Another use of the Putter Light is to produce predictable backswings for better distance control.  Backswing length (and ball speed) is generally proportional to how far the laser dot descends.  You can attach a tape measure to the wall to measure backswing lengths.  Learn to repeat and learn to increment.  To reuse exact numbers in different sessions, keep your distance from the wall the same.

If using a mirror, step to the right (for a right-hander) to see lower on the wall.


Note 1: Some golfers aim off the intended line and correct the mistake in their stroke.  With the PutterLight, they miss the target on the same side on a regular basis.  If you have this problem, you can work with it or learn to aim and swing straight.  To stay with the “two wrongs make a right” method, try to miss the target by the same amount on each stroke.  To learn to aim and swing straight, practice face alignment on a floor with perpendicular lines.  Place the putter face on one line and then run your eyes up and down the perpendicular line, and hit the target with the laser.


Note 2: The laser dot normally travels diagonally on the wall, because for most golfers the club face opens on the backswing and closes on the forward swing.  The more you lean over at address, however, the more vertical the laser path becomes, and when leaning over to near horizontal, the line becomes vertical.


To change batteries, unscrew the light emitting end of the laser.  “Silver” batteries last 10 times longer but cost more than alkaline.  Use two LR44 batteries.  Batteries inserted backwards will not cause damage (but not work).  The laser does NOT turn off automatically.


This author recommends using an acceleration of the putter that makes it easiest to keep the putter square.  This acceleration will be close to the same for long and short putts.

Install the Putter Light by slipping it onto the shaft near

the hosel and slide it to near the grip.  If it is too tight or loose, adjust the set screw.  (see left)  A 2.5 mm hex key is provided.  CCW makes the fit tighter.   Use a wall with built in marks or create a target by putting a label or other mark on the wall, 30 to 36 inches above the floor.  Turn on the laser (press the red button).  Assume address position, shining the laser on the wall.* Adjust your stance to move