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“PutterLight” is for ambitious golfers who want to improve control of distance and direction on and around the greens.  


This is a highly accurate putting and chipping stroke motion analyzer providing immediate continuous feedback.  A laser pointer slipped on to your putter shaft beams a dot of red light onto a wall.  A target is placed or chosen on the wall.  


The laser dot moves when the club moves.  The golfer aims the laser at the target on the wall while in address position.  A stroke or swing is made. The laser dot descends on the backswing and rises on the forward stroke.  On the forward stroke, the dot passes near or over the target, usually with some degree of error.  This error is the directional error resulting from opening or closing the club face during the stroke.   Every little wobble of the club face shows on the wall, throughout your stroke. For distance training, the laser dot up-down movement is compared to a scale or other marks on the wall.  To see it in action watch the video above or use this link to go to youtube (but please come back).


Because backswing length is a major factor in ball velocity and putting distance, it is worthwhile to exactly control the length of the backswing.  Backswing length is difficult to see during a stroke.  PutterLight provides an immediate and accurate way of measuring various backswing lengths so you can reproduce them by feeling and choice.


You can use the PutterLight by turning your head and directly watching the laser dot on the wall (like Jordan Spieth on a short putt), or you can stand close to the wall to eliminate head turning.  You can also watch the laser dot through a common cosmetics mirror placed on the floor near the club head.


PutterLight weighs only 37 grams and it’s placed near the hands so you don't notice the weight.


It works on short swings: putting, chips and short pitches.  Faster swings or full swings are too fast to see.  


Beside being accurate, it's about three times faster than real putting.  You don't have to fetch or place golf balls or watch where they go.  


The PutterLight comes with instructions, a hex key for adjustment to the putter shaft, and a wall target.  To read the instructions, use this link.


The laser holder is 3D printed!

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