A soft and forgiving mat that assures natural ball flight while it protects the golfer and his clubs from mat shock.   ShaftSaverMat works like its big brother range mat by moving downward on its springs when struck. You can see how it works in the video.

The mat goes down to allow a natural path for the club head.

There are two kinds of ShaftSaverMat.  Regular and RG.   ShaftSaverMat RG is same as the regular ShaftSaverMat but has a ramp at the rear (rear guard) for protection of the mat from end strikes for golfers who might hit very far behind the ball.

ShaftSaverMat with rear guard. 

ShaftSaverMat without rear guard.

The synthetic turf, with 6-6 nylon fibers, also compresses and absorbs impact shock. Common mats bounce the club off the mat. Our mat moves downward enough to allow the club head to proceed on a smooth arc with no bounce, as in lush natural turf.   The club never sticks in the mat.

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Range Mat

Range mats are currently not in production but are under development for the future.