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How is your putting accuracy?  Are you missing your intended putting line?  How is your distance control?  Now there is a quick and easy way to tighten up excessive dispersion.  

PuttStraight is a unique device that will improve your direction and distance.

PuttStraight is an extremely accurate putting and chipping stroke motion monitor.  It provides immediate and continuous feedback for the pointing direction of the club face.  It shows the tiniest movement of opening or closing of the club face in real time.  

And it shows the length and position of the club in the backswing.  In real time.  

A laser light installed just under the grip beams a red dot onto a wall to the golfer’s left or right.  When you move the club, the laser dot moves.  Open the face—the dot moves to the right (for a righty).  Close the face—the dot moves to the left.  Make a stroke and the laser dot moves down on the back stroke and up on the forward stroke.  You aim the laser at a target on the wall and make a stroke.  The laser dot moves down and then back up, passing near the target with some degree of error, or no error if your club face is exactly square to the starting position.  The error is proportional to the opening or closing of the club face.  You can definitely learn to reduce the error and increase your accuracy.  Every little wobble in your stroke shows up very clearly, throughout the stroke.   Then you figure out which part of your body caused the error.

There are various ways to watch the laser dot.  1. watching directly the laser dot on the wall (like Jordan Spieth watching the hole on a short putt), or 2. by watching the laser dot through a mirror placed near the club head (a common cosmetics mirror is fine), and 3. stand close to the wall so you don’t have to turn your head to see the dot.

When you are putting without a training aid, you won’t get enough information on how good your aim is, or how good your stroke is.  If you are diligent, you can get information on the result they produce together.  (Did the ball start on the intended line?)  Both your stroke and your aim need to be developed by working on them separately.  PuttStraight develops the stroke.   For more details on putting stroke problems, go here.

You can develop a bad habit of aiming off your intended line and correcting for it in the stroke.  You can repair this problem using PuttStraight.

Another feature of PuttStraight is distance training.  You study backswing lengths.  Just watch how far the dot moves down on the wall during the stroke.  The longer the backswing, the lower the dot dips.  Backswing length is a major factor in club head velocity.  Getting more control over the length of the backswing will help.

There is one more thing you should do with PuttStraight…discover your putting plane.

You can test different putting planes, and find the best putting plane for you.   There are two main putting planes, vertical and inclined.  A vertical plane has a laser dot movement that is vertical.  An inclined plane makes a diagonal laser path. With vertical, the putter head stays in a vertical plane.  With an inclined plane, the putter head moves on an inclined plane passing through the shoulders.

PuttStraight weighs only 37 grams. It’s placed high on the club near the hands so you don't notice the weight.


It works for putting, chipping, and short pitches.  Full swings are too fast to see.  

Beside being more accurate, it's about five times faster than real putting, and you don't have to fetch and place golf balls and watch where they go.  The laser also can be used to amuse a cat or dog.

PuttStraight comes with three wall targets.  Instructions for the PuttStraight (in English).  

If you have any questions, please email us at golfmat1@longgolf.com.