Here is the new putter.  It’s made from stainless steel and carbon fiber tube. The golfer can adjust the lie, the forward press, and the weight.  It is offered for exclusive license.  The patent is pending.

   The design was inspired by maximizing the weight distribution to the front and rear of the head, so as to maximize the sweetspot in the vertical dimension.  In other words, the sweetspot is extended vertically to the top and bottom edges of the club face, to the maximum extent possible with a given head weight and size.

Adjusting the lie.

Weight adjustment by adding washers to the bolt shafts inside the carbon fiber tubes.

Adjusting the forward press.

Sound of impact.

Bonus feature: Pick up balls two or three at a time.

Coming soon is a smaller version of this new putter.  It seems  that everyone has a different idea about the ideal size of a putter.  This design is easy to vary in size while maintaining the mass.